Sophie, in Shadow

"Sophie, in Shadow deftly weaves intrigue, spies, and mystics with more than a dash of the occult into a story that will captivate any reader." - Linda DeMeulemeester, author of the award-winning Grim Hill series.

Tanita Davis reviews Sophie, in Shadow at Finding Wonderland : The Writing YA Weblog.

"This book is heartily recommended to anyone re-reading A Passage to India this summer, and to anyone whose childhood summers included Kipling's Kim, which is worth a re-read this summer as well. This book is for anyone who fears that young adult books are short on literary value and too long on popular culture. In the timeless style of L.M. Montgomery and E.M. Forster, this book is simply a treat. (Readers who have enjoyed other fantasy fiction on India during colonial times will find this much finer fare, and delight in finding that that this book is somewhat of a companion to Wild Talent: a Novel of the Supernatural, which tells the story of Sophie's cousin Jeannie.)

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"Darkly Dislocating" -- Derek Newman-Stille reviews Sophie, in Shadow at Speculating Canada

"Eileen Kernaghan creates a sense of wondrous dislocation for the reader. a darkly beautiful reminder that every place is haunted, every locale filled with ghosts of memory from the past. Sophie, in Shadow reminds readers that we dwell in a place of fantasy, of wonder and excitement and that those dreamy places of magic and mystery are always steeped in the shadows of past horrors and veiled in secrets. We are always one step through the veil of time away from tragedy."

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ISBN: 978-1-927068-94-6

228 pages / paper

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"Historically, this is a descriptive and engrossing read on all aspects of life in early 20th century British India. It has a twist of mystery and a hint of the supernatural, but it is also a clever study of the customs and culture of Buddhism, as explored by one of the characters who helped Sophie understand her visions." -- Arleigh Johnson, Historical Novels Review Issue 70 (November 2014) The full review is available at the Historical Novel Society website.

"...the ominous news of WWI battles, the horror of the number of dead, and the personal sadness of losing friends to PTSD (or shell shock as it used to be known) set a sombre anti-war mood and will stir the hearts of junior .readers. " Jan Alarshall, Resource Links October 2014.

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